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Georges van Hoegaerden

Georges is the Founder and Managing Director of method41.

Georges discovered the first-principles of nature, fundamentally improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy and breathing new life into humanity’s broken systems of policy, capital, and innovation.

Georges has been called upon by members of the White House, Congress, board members of large financial institutions, public pension funds, global economics organizations, private equity behemoths, venture capital firms worldwide, and entrepreneurs.

Georges’ analysis of the status quo plus his proposed remedy is lavishly praised by people with a vested interest in the regenerative excellence of humanity. His expertise is available through advisory, lectures, and masterclasses.

His blog at method41.com containing 1,341 articles is frequently quoted and covered by mainstream media, practitioners, scholars, and celebrities.

Public Speaking

Georges is outspoken on the fallacies of our current constructs of policy, capital, and innovation. His discovery offering a fundamentally better approach to improve human excellence. He is available for premier public-speaking events.

We charge a speaking fee plus the cost for lodging and travel. Schools are exempt from a speaking fee. 

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