Georges van Hoegaerden


Georges considers himself a proximal realist. He is the inventor of a new operating systems for humanity maximizing the expansion of the fractal of human ingenuity required to adapt to nature’s entropy.

Always challenging conventional thinking, Georges, running The Venture Company for over twenty years, built $100M Silicon Valley startups from nothing. After a long career building systems of innovation, as a 4xCEO, board member, and venture partner, he is now using that experience to build better systems of humanity at method41.

Georges is called upon by members of the White House, Congress, board members of venerable financial institutions, public pension funds, global economics organizations, private equity behemoths, venture capital firms worldwide, and entrepreneurs to fundamentally improve the regenerative outcomes of policy, capital, and innovation.

Georges’ blog containing 1,384 articles has been quoted and covered by the mainstream media, practitioners, scholars, and celebrities.

Public Speaking

Georges is outspoken on the fallacies of our current constructs holding humanity hostage. His discovery of nature’s first-principles offers a fundamentally better approach to improve human excellence. He is available for public-speaking and podcasts on improving the evolutionary excellence of humanity through the practices of policy, capital, and innovation.

The New Normal in Finance

July 24, 2020

Georges highlights how the coronavirus has issued a stern warning we must remodel our financial systems after nature’s first-principles, to become more resilient to the curve-balls nature throws our way.

A New Perspective on Human Evolution

August 15, 2019

Georges explains the urgent need for humanity to adhere to a new normalization of evolutionary truth, with a theory derived from nature that prolongs the life of the human species.

We must Reinvent Economics

October 3, 2015

Georges explains why the study of economics, even in its many variations on the same theme, is incompatible with evolution. We must design better systems to induce human performance.


On Innovation and Venture Capital

September 15, 2011

Georges discusses the opportunity for innovation and venture capital.

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