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Planet Of Idiots

Life, freed from age-old idiocracy, is truly exhilarating and worth-while.

WTF Are You Doing?

What are we doing on this planet? What is the meaning of life? And what are you, yes you, contributing to the longevity of the human species, including improving the prospects of your children's children? Let me break a few egg-shells humanity is used to walking on, and offer a question we should all be able to answer.

Learn To Think

Critical thinking, as described herein, is a vital and unique human capability we can and must deploy to improve human excellence.

If Poverty Is Decreasing And The Poor Are Getting Wealthier, Why Is Wealth Inequality Considered An Issue?

Fair question. Not everything that can be counted, can be counted on.

What Would Be The Best Way To Redistribute Wealth To Society?

We must assign wealth to new humanitarian values.

Is Living Frugally, Working, Buying And Consuming As Little As Possible, The Best Way To Fight Against The Capitalist System?

There is no need to fight capitalism, the thing you should be fighting for is the evolutionary integrity of trust.

Should The US Government Be Prioritizing Wealth Generation Or Wealth Redistribution?

Neither. Government must focus on the renewal of cause, not interfere and drown in nebulous and temporal consequence, of human excellence.

Should There Be No Poor And No Wealthy Human Beings?

There will always be both. But the merit of wealth should be correlated to evolutionary contributions. The source of a much more meaningful "spread".
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