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Litmus Reductio, Three Things To Comprehend As Admission To Govern

I cannot stress enough the importance of the proper pedigree in government, for, in the words of Albert Einstein, the theory you are responsible for developing, determines what humanity can discover. A trust that should be earned not given.

I Do Not Know What Evolutionary Merit Is But It Sure As Hell Sounds Like Eugenics

I explain the concept of evolutionary merit referencing the integrity of bold federal legislation needed to improve the excellence of humanity.

You Have A Soul

I sing the blues from the kind of entrepreneurialism that knows no precedent and describe the behavior of people attempting to knock you down. As long as your normalization of truth remains defensible, I hope this inspires you to keep going too.

U.S. House Financial Services Committee Debates Building A Sustainable And Competitive Economy With ESG

A member of The U.S. House slaps ESG in a way only a member of Congress can, by not quite understanding the gravitas of the question that was prepared for him.

Don’t Copy Silicon Valley

To copy Silicon Valley the way it operates today would be extremely foolish. To take its advice, as the guiding principles in the exploration of new ideas that shape our future, would equate to outright stupidity.

Apple Found Guilty, Now Grow Up Apple

Apple has just today been found guilty of e-book price-fixing, and I urge Tim Cook to deploy a new vector of innovation Steve Jobs (admittedly) could have never envisioned.

Why VC Can’t Fix Itself

Neanderthal economics of venture capital is the reason why its performance is not in correlation with the foresight of innovation.

The Eurozone Is On The Wrong Side Of Evolution

The Eurozone is not only a democratic fallacy, it is a celebration of mediocrity that flattens and destroys the unique core competencies of its members. The opposite of a deeper granularity of freedom mankind deserves.

Less Is More; Moving Regulations From Government To The Marketplace

Regulation is a function of the makeup of participants in the marketplace, the participants who pass muster to participate in the marketplace.

How To Remove The Systemic Risk Of Our Economy

To remove the systemic risk of our economy we need to create a marketplace in which the meritocracy of ideas meets with as few financial derivatives as possible.
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