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A New Perspective On Human Evolution

Humanity must deploy better systems to improve the longevity of the human race.

Re-Risk Asset Management

Money managers must improve the investment thesis that determines what returns can be discovered.

The State Of Humanity

The State of Humanity highlights why and how we must change our manmade systems to improve human excellence in lockstep with nature.


What Is The Difference Between Private Equity And Venture Capital?

As different as foresight and hindsight are. Same asset-management bucket, completely different risk profiles, and then some.

If Today You Were To Enter The Venture Capital Industry, Would You Go For Software Or Life Sciences?

The investment vehicle must follow the nature of the asset, and life-sciences is literally hard-pressed to meet venture capital vintages.

How Common Is It For VCs To Just Be Lucky Early Employees Given Stock And Have No Idea How To Run A Business?

Innovation is destroyed by the fundamental malpractice of its arbitrage, with access to money systematically confounded with merit.

What Should I Start Studying Now To Become A VC?

Before you ask the question what skills you should have as a VC, let's be clear on what goose you are chasing.

Vinod Khosla Quotes Our Analysis Of Venture Capital Vis-A-Vis Private Equity

Billionaire self-proclaimed entrepreneurship zealot and managing director of Khosla Ventures quotes and retweets our analysis and observations about the risk profiles of private equity...

KPCB Mea Culpa

Top-tier Silicon Valley venture firm Kleiner-Perkins-Caufield-Byers admitted poor performance, no surprise from what I witnessed from the writing on their walls.

The Meager Role Of Meeker

If only hindsight were an accurate prognosticator of foresight, Mary Meeker could have a job at my firm.

The Venture Confession

Jim Breyer, partner at Accel Partners attacks Vinod Khosla. Not so fast buddy.

Subprime Venture Capital

Venture capital suffers from the same deployment of uniform risk that was discovered in the mortgage crisis.

Money Does Not Equal Risk

Money does not equal merit, and as an entrepreneur you should ask your investor some very tough questions. Like: what made you a superstar?
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