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What Are Some Lies VCs And Angel Investors Tell Themselves?

The foremost lie yields the systematic dumbing-down of the very meaning and socioeconomic impact of innovation.

Is There An Opportunity To Help Large Companies Establish Corporate Venture Arms?

Only the pursuit of prime risk from foresight can save innovation arbitrage (venture investors) from the perils of its self-induced sub-priming.

Why Won’t Some VCs Invest In A Crowdfunded Startup?

There are three main reasons why I would not even investigate investing in a crowdfunded startup.

The Social Naiveté Of Mark Suster

Mark Suster's keynote at Venture Alpha East was revealing, but not in a good way. The video demonstrates how a bunch of technocrats should no longer blindly be given the keys to the kingdom of the evolution of mankind.

The State of Venture Capital Infographic

The State of Venture Capital infographic sheds light on the broken fundamentals of innovation's arbitrage.

Venture LPs Blowing In The Wind, Continued

The real issue with venture capital is it produces poor index returns, it performs below the consumer adoption, gets outperformed by corporate innovation, and has lost public trust.

When Angels Collude And Collide

The commoditization of venture capital accelerates, supported by the pageantry of collusion.

Free Everything For Startups

Do we really believe that we produce better entrepreneurs we make everything free?

378 Stale VCs? VC should give back too

Stale VCs are all the rage. Tell them to give back too.
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