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Litmus Reductio, Three Things To Comprehend As Admission To Govern

I cannot stress enough the importance of the proper pedigree in government, for, in the words of Albert Einstein, the theory you are responsible for developing, determines what humanity can discover. A trust that should be earned not given.

Nature’s Serious COVID-19 Warning

It is not too late to realign human gameplay with nature's gameplay, and dramatically reduce the number of times nature will blow the whistle to reign us in.

Is It Possible That Current Economic Theory Has Been Based More On Pseudo-Science And Math?

Even the largest global economics organization knows the practice of economics is on its last legs.

U.S. House Financial Services Committee Debates Building A Sustainable And Competitive Economy With ESG

A member of The U.S. House slaps ESG in a way only a member of Congress can, by not quite understanding the gravitas of the question that was prepared for him.

En Garde For Christine Lagarde’s Review Of The US Economy

Christine Lagarde of the IMF mimics my blogs almost verbatim about the part of the US Economy few want to talk about.

The Free-Market Pretense On Display

A single image explains why our economy is not a free-market system.

Everything Must Change

Everything must change. Using a new normalization of truth to more accurately trace human ingenuity and capacity.

How Would An Economy Be Controlled Without Government Intervention?

Just because government operates in complete ignorance of evolutionary principles should not be a reason to abolish the concept of governance altogether.

Can A Syndicalist Economy Replace Capitalism Or Is Capitalism The Best?

Both "systems" must subjugate to new principles to become renewable and retain their promise.
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