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Opposite-Day Tyrants

Stand up and rise against injustice of any kind. Any time, all the time. Especially against the charlatans of injustice for whom opposite-day is every day.

Why The Stock Markets Are Really Shrinking

In the words of Einstein, the theory [of a market system] determines what can be discovered. And so when a market system does not produce the desired outcome you change the system.

What Is The Difference In Calculation For A Stock Market Cap And A Cryptocurrency Market Cap?

Be careful. Zero collateral times 10,000 remains zero.

What Does A Stock’s Negative Growth Rate Imply?

Nothing necessarily other than the realization all roads to upside are littered with downside. Correlation not irrefutably establishing causation.

Most Of My Tech Stocks Have Gone Up By 50%-150% In The Past Six Months. Are We On The Verge Of Another Dot.com Bust?

Ride the stock-market all you want, just make sure you are not the last to escape from cyclical resonance to reality.

Does The Stock Market Have Any Negative Effects On The Economy?

Since stock markets are in gross violation of free-market principles, a hedging on the valuation of stock bears no resemblance to the actual value of the listed company.

Is the U.S. peak ahead or behind us?

Our ability to reinvent ourselves with a better normalization of the human playbook will determine our peaks and valleys.

Is high-frequency trading good for the economy?

No. Like any other violation of free-market principles is not good.

The Stock Market Is Not A Free-Market

Any marketplace can be called free as long as one does not define what freedom means.

Trust Is The Currency Of Success

A dollar bill is not worth a dollar. So the dollar carries with it trust. A trust we appear to be squandering quite consistently. Here is how:
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