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A New Perspective On Human Evolution

Humanity must deploy better systems to improve the longevity of the human race.

Re-Risk Asset Management

Money managers must improve the investment thesis that determines what returns can be discovered.

The State Of Humanity

The State of Humanity highlights why and how we must change our manmade systems to improve human excellence in lockstep with nature.


Unpacking ESG

I break down the supposed evolutionary integrity and repeatability of ESG.

There Are Many Examples Of Failed Socialism. What Are Examples Of Failed Capitalism?

Neither promotes the renewal of human excellence, hence their relative failure.

How Is It That Sweden Can Do What They Do On Social Progress And Economic Growth And We Can’t? Does It Have Anything To...

I suggest you do not praise to glory all the good men doing absolutely nothing to preserve the kind of freedom to each his own.

Why Are Socialist States So Intolerant Of Non-Socialists?

Socialists are resistant to the kind of change that would challenge and reshuffle their pre-established status and rank.

What Are The Major Disadvantages Of Innovation?

Technology innovation must first pass a rudimentary litmus test of evolutionary integrity before it is splattered around the world as undeniable gospel.

Why Does Socialism Appeal To So Many People?

Because socialism is a symptom not a system, omnipresent in many systems. A misunderstanding to shield many from its dire long-term consequences.

What Is The Difference Between National Socialism And Capitalism?

Government-controlled oligarchy versus private-sector oligarchy. Pick your poison.
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