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How Is Investing In Early Tech Companies “More Art Than Science”?

Investing in technology is neither art nor science, it requires an understanding of evolution.

The Meritocracy Of Shervin Pishevar

When an oligarch calls his playing field a meritocracy, why then is his merit a secret?

LinkedIn IPO

LinkedIn better file soon. Before it is squashed by Facebook.

Dumb Capital, Please Exit Here

Chameleon Paul Kedrosky speaks from whatever corner of his mouth to now whitewash his association and affiliation to flawed principles.

Saving Silicon Valley

This is my story and why I am determined to have us set a better example for the world.

A Grand New Opportunity In Venture

The current VC model can never attract disruptive ideas. But leave it up to real entrepreneurs to ditch them and reinvent their arbitrage.

Venture Capital Needs A Reset, My Message To Limited Partners

Venture capital needs a reset, my message to limited partners.

Less Is More; Moving Regulations From Government To The Marketplace

Regulation is a function of the makeup of participants in the marketplace, the participants who pass muster to participate in the marketplace.

How To Fix VC Once And For All

The venture business needs an overhaul, and all it needs is to be infused with rudimentary free-market principles.

The Nitwits On Sand Hill Road

Oracle's long-time CEO Larry Ellison rips the boys-club on Sand Hill Road. I am adding to the fodder.
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