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Why ESG Is A Dangerous Religion

Why is it, that a thesis of finance eleven times the size of production does not get vetted and scrutinized?

The Burden Of Evolutionary Proof Belongs To ESG

A Morningstar journalist confounds who owns the burden of proof of ESG, when all journalists should do is seek the truth.

Al Gore’s Allegory Of A Sustainable Climate

Al Gore preaches the confounding of consequence and cause of sustainability, nonexistent anywhere in our universe. Let's set him straight to not induce another infinitely expanding tautology.

U.S. House Financial Services Committee Debates Building A Sustainable And Competitive Economy With ESG

A member of The U.S. House slaps ESG in a way only a member of Congress can, by not quite understanding the gravitas of the question that was prepared for him.

SEC’s Scarlet Letter About ESG, And Why Finance Must Improve Its Methods and Facts

To build a better society, methods and facts matter says SEC commissioner Peirce. Precisely why I called out ESG as an evolutionary oxymoron - repeatedly - and introduced a better evolutionary thesis of finance.

Are There Any Venture Capitalists Or Types Of Investors Who Throw Some Money At Ideas, To Get The Ball Rolling?

There are plenty of investors who do not wonder why humanity cannot outlive a fly.

What Could Have Prevented The Dot-Com Bubble?

A much overdue modern operating-system for humanity.

Boulevard Of Broken Ideologies

Broken ideologies break the spirit and the opportunities of all people. We need a new master ideology that treats all people with the respect they deserve, and maintains a healthy equilibrium with nature.

How Is Freedom Working For You?

Oprah Winfrey's wise rhetorical relationship-advice comes to mind when reading about the daily abuses of finance, as reported by the media. It is time for us to learn from our mistakes and focus on the infinite evolution of our financial "games".

The Judicial System Proves Our Systems Wrong

Literally, anyone with a basic understanding of the law can debunk our foundational systems and outdated theses.
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