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Hotel CalPERS

CalPERS' problems are not the players but its investment game. Macro over micro. Cause over consequence.

Friend Or Foe Of Private Equity

Merely to question PE performance is considered heresy, a charge that should be reversed to put a religion of finance on notice to change immediately and fundamentally. We have come to the rescue.

What Makes You Think?

Let's do a thought-experiment to wake us up from the expired truths of foregone conclusions.

We Must Become A Prime Species

Humanity must begin to adhere to nature's first-principles to become a prime species.

Breaking Down And Recalibrating Alpha

Asset management is dead, to all but those who recognize alpha is a force of nature.

What Are Signs That An Asset Class Is In A Bubble?

The excessive spread between valuation and value causes reality to come knocking.

Is SoftBank’s Vision Fund The “Most Powerful Investor In The World”?

Powerful is the determined risk of the first money-in that changes the world for the better. Follow-on investing is an easy peasy risk-profile, not powerful but handy to have around.

CalPERS Direct, My Opinion On The Announcement

Here are my opinions about the broad strokes of the CalPERS announcement yesterday, and how they relate to the risk deployed in asset management.

If Globalisation Is Growing And The World Economies May Shift, What Is It Best To Invest In?

You either bet on the stupidity or the smarts of humanity. The definition of best becoming a function of the holding period.
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