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Is It Possible That Current Economic Theory Has Been Based More On Pseudo-Science And Math?

Even the largest global economics organization knows the practice of economics is on its last legs.

The Electric Slide of Human Excellence

Human excellence can be secured with an easy-peasy Electric Slide-style step program.

What Is The Best Global Economic System?

One that has not been put in place yet.

Do You Think Free Market And Sustainability Tend To Exclude Each Other?

Our current implementation of freedom is a ruse of make-believe yielding equally make-believe suppositions of sustainability.

Why Is It So Hard To Make A Fair Economic System?

Change is hard for people whose livelihood depends on the unchanged. But we have no choice but to adopt a better operating-system for humanity.

Has Globalization Acted To Equalize Nations’ Portions Of The Global GDP, Yet Created Greater Inequality And A Net Loss?

A flat-world operating-system for humanity is simply incapable of empowering human relativity. We can change that.

How Much Bullshit Is There In Economics?

Human relativity curtailed by absolutism is manmade foolery.

What Would You Invent To Help The World?

I devote my life to this. To the systematic discovery of what mankind is truly capable of, by freeing us from self-enslavement.

Is It Time To End Capitalism?

Capitalism in its current form is a rebel without a cause. One in dire need of reinvention.
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