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Asset Management Reinvented

Asset Management must be reinvented to track more accurately the performance of human ingenuity and capacity. Let me explain the broad strokes how.

How Specific Or Flexible Is A VC Portfolio?

Pretty flexible, for the search for returns knows few bounds.

Who Are The Most Successful VCs And VCs Companies In London?

Outlier success is based on the fortuitous marriage between entrepreneur and investor, not on some artificial measure of populism.

Is There A Template Or Sample Contract For Venture Partners For A VC Fund?

There is, but be aware what you model your fund after. Playing with someone else's money should induce your fiduciary obligation to become informed about why most venture firms fail so miserably.

How Top-Quartile Runs Out Of Merit

Top-quartile wins my proclamation as the most delusional way to measure VC performance or any financial firm for that matter. And none of us should be surprised that innovation cannot reach maximum potential, with such meritless accountability of its arbitrage.

The Big Venture Capital Mistake

Venture capital is not supposed to have become subprime micro-private equity. Furthermore, the risk profiles of private equity and venture capital are polar opposites.

As A Limited Partner I Feel Uninformed

The lack of control limited partners have over the capital they put to work is palpable and disconcerting. But more control is not what saves the bacon, only a better rendition of cause will.

Outlier Innovation Is Not Uniform, Nor Shall Be The Thesis Of Its Arbitrage

Innovation that knows no precedent, cannot be found with an investment thesis steeped in the conformity of collusion.

How Not To Refer A Deal

The leeching of entrepreneurialism.

LP Entrapment

The easiest way to raise a new fund is to ride the coat-tail of Apple or Facebook, because neither thesis can possibly be questioned by Limited Partners. Any i or f fund left in need of funding?
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