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Bitcoin Is Like Postage-Stamp-Collecting On Steroids

A cryptocurrency, like stamp-collecting, is an evolutionary net-negative.

Money Is A Valuation Not A Value Of Humanity

We must close the gap between the valuation and value of money to spawn regenerative human excellence.

How Can You Change The World?

You can't. You can only change humanity. Instantly, by simply changing the incentive.

Big Tech Versus Big Politics

Structural solutions and shortcuts are available to resolve our nation's impasse with two-faced technology companies. Cures I have been prescribing for twelve years. It is never too late to get real.

Sean Penn Is A Good Man

I like Sean Penn for his stance on the meaning of life, his acting, and the work he is doing to pick-up the slack on pandemic relief. Authentic curiosity and empathy for the human condition driving his efforts. Hats off.

The Purpose Of Money

I change Benjamin Franklin's definition of the purpose of money to meet the objectives of a new operating-system for humanity.

Why The IRS Should Be Renamed

We must rename the IRS to make everyone aware of what taxation really is, a cost center.

What Are Your Views On Modern Monetary Theory?

Despite anyone's views on Modern Monetary Theory, we must all agree this monetary policy does not do what humanity needs.

Is Capitalism The Best Political System?

Capitalism is not a political system - nor is it even a system.

Is Living Frugally, Working, Buying And Consuming As Little As Possible, The Best Way To Fight Against The Capitalist System?

There is no need to fight capitalism, the thing you should be fighting for is the evolutionary integrity of trust.
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