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The Last Dance of humanity requires new gameplay deployed by new leaders unafraid to take humanity on.

The Diversity Debacle

Manufactured diversity, of any kind, yields not only grave depravity of reason but also bad outcomes.

The Madness Of Singularity, A Brief Compendium To Douglas Murray’s Madness Of Crowds

The madness of singularity is no better than the madness of crowds. The madness of our remarkable ignorance to nature continues to damage our evolution.

A Real Optimist Is A Critical Realist Determined We Can, Must And Shall Do Better.

Out with the pageantry of positivity masking grave manmade depravity.

Has Barack Obama Benefited The Economy In The Long-Run?

Not really. Beyond keeping us afloat, Barack has not fundamentally improved human capacity and ingenuity, held hostage by stubborn principles and misguided governance set before him in dogmatic scripture.

What Are The Positive Effects Of Britain Leaving The E.U.?

Power to the people, at last. And a much needed refresh of politicians. And then some. Give Britain some time to establish itself around a new normal. A higher granularity of sovereignty and freedom is messy, but I dare you, do not bet against it.

What Is The Solution To Economic Inequality In The U.S.?

We need a solution to boost inequality based on an evolutionary meritocracy, the assignment of merit based on the content of character.

The Greatest Lie Of All

The greatest lie is the one we tell ourselves, because we are afraid to take ourselves on.

I Have A Dream…

It's time to judge a technology not by the country it comes from but the content of its innovation. The american dream is waiting for you.
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