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Climate Change Is No Hoax

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

How Fractal Finance Obliterates Economics

Our stale religion of economics does not stand a chance against a new normalization of evolutionary relevance.

Tesla Wanting To Go Private Is A Sign Of The Lack Of Innovation In The Exchange

Financial exchanges are outdated financial constructs, no longer serving the nature of investors and companies they were assigned to serve. And they are far from free-markets.

Isn’t It Just Great The Top Tech Giants Are So Heavily Invested In AI That They Just Won’t Know Where To Hide As Neurotech...

The blind faith in artificial intelligence is a double whammy of human depravity, but careful with neurotech and biotech as well.

If Globalisation Is Growing And The World Economies May Shift, What Is It Best To Invest In?

You either bet on the stupidity or the smarts of humanity. The definition of best becoming a function of the holding period.

As A Startup Investor, What Do I Need To See In A Startup Idea Before Investing In It?

Understand your appetite for risk, for not all startups are created equal.

As An Angel Investor Or VC, Do You Prefer A Founder Saying He Has A Plan B If His Startup Fails Or That He...

I do not want to hear about your plan B, but you better make sure there is no better plan A.

How Much Control Should An Investor Have Over Your Business?

The quick draw answer is: the inverse of your projected ability to execute. Let's unravel that.

What Does A Due Diligence Process Of A VC Look Like? How Much Is Doing Own Research On The Internet? How Much Is Talking...

Mine is quite a bit different from the subprime social-club in Silicon Valley.
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