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All Men Are Not Created Equal

End the cheap false-positive of equality, for none exists, thankfully. Or we humans, would not have been here in the first place.

My Melinda Gates Impersonation

I impersonate Melinda Gates, only to demonstrate how I would build a brave new world with piles of philanthropy.

Comment: Is Capitalism The Most Successful Economic System Ever Created?

Hate the game, not the players. Knowing why and how it fails helps reinvent it.

U.S. Constitutional Truths Are No Longer Self-Evident

In the words of our Constitution, let me submit some new facts to a candid world.

Is Socioeconomic Inequality An Unavoidable Byproduct Of Civilization?

Correct. Moreover, inequality is a prerequisite for the excellence of human evolution.

If Poverty Is Decreasing And The Poor Are Getting Wealthier, Why Is Wealth Inequality Considered An Issue?

Fair question. Not everything that can be counted, can be counted on.

Are Employee-Owned Businesses A Good Way To Bring Society Back To Normalcy And Disrupt Wealth Inequality?

No. An employee-owned tobacco company would still kill us in more ways than one. The replenishment of societies takes something else.
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