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The Excellence Of Unchange

I warn you not to err on the side of unchange, masquerading as change.

You Are Responsible

We must each begin to adhere to nature's gameplay. Only then do we have a chance to benefit from our intelligence to outlive a common fly.

Fear People More Than Nature

For all the wrong reasons people fear nature and put our leaderless leaders on a pedestal. I suggest reversing that stance.

Second Wave Idiots

The authoritarian rule of nature cannot be supported by non-authoritarian governance of humanity.

In Case You Forgot; Humanity Only Reports To Nature, Not To Itself

It is about time we implement the principles of nature to become better prepared for the entropy, like pandemics, nature throws our way.

Nature Controls Us

We must induce a new humanitarian compass to better adapt to nature’s entropy.

Change We Can

If the Coronavirus teaches us anything, it is that we know how to induce change when we must. A realization that gives me hope for the future.

California’s HealthCare Prescription Budget Rejects “The Free-Market” Fallacy

Gavin Newsom rejects the free-market promise of health care. And rightfully so.

Health Care Is No Business For Tech

The ignorance and infancy of technologists is poorly aligned with the merit of health pre-ordained by evolutionary biology and anthropology.

Bernie, The Son Of Noam

Bernie Sanders needs to transition from an activist to a strategist, by distancing from Noam Chomsky.
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