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Dear U.N., Sustainability Is Evolutionary Bullshit. My Ode to Real Scientists

The U.N. promulgates a theory of climate change fundamentally incompatible with evolution, what could possibly go wrong?

We Must Become A Prime Species

Humanity must begin to adhere to nature's first-principles to become a prime species.

Growth For The Sake Of Growth Is The Ideology Of A Cancer Cell

Manmade systems oblivious to nature's rule induce manmade cancer.

Why Do Many People Not Have A Strong Grasp Of What Causes Economic Growth And Why Markets Are So Central To Continuously Rising Standards...

Because economics is a pseudo-science regurgitating hindsight, incapable of extrapolating to foresight to break the norm and proven wrong all too many times instilling little confidence in its voodoo.

How Long Should An Entrepreneur Wait Before Closing A Failing Venture?

How long you wait to close your venture depends on your ability to pivot and in what direction, the best pivot being upwards.

What Does A Stock’s Negative Growth Rate Imply?

Nothing necessarily other than the realization all roads to upside are littered with downside. Correlation not irrefutably establishing causation.

Are There Any Case Study Results Showing Supply Side Economics As More Effective At Driving Economic Growth Than Alternatives?

Empirical evidence can make a case for a pick-your-poison preference, it does not change the outcome of a degenerative economic science.

If Income Differences Stunt Growth, What Is The Exact Mechanism?

You have fallen in the trap of cheap karma. Equality stunts growth instead, by nature's law.

Reinventing The Food Business, Part One

Food entrepreneurs have a wide open path to the moon-shot they deserve, if they treat their passion like a business.
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