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Why Democracies Fail Or Succeed

A democracy must be subjugated to evolutionary first-principles to improve humanity.

What A Surprise On The Brexit Plan Failure. Not!

Welcome to the revolving door that isn't a democracy.

What Are Your Views On Modern Monetary Theory?

Despite anyone's views on Modern Monetary Theory, we must all agree this monetary policy does not do what humanity needs.

If Globalisation Is Growing And The World Economies May Shift, What Is It Best To Invest In?

You either bet on the stupidity or the smarts of humanity. The definition of best becoming a function of the holding period.

Which Countries Were Positively Impacted By Globalization?

The value of positivity from globalization depends on the unit of evolutionary measure.

Do Many Countries Suffer From Globalization, Why?

Yes, many countries suffer from a monism of globalization impressed upon them, in disrespect of freedom to each his own.

To What Extent Can Globalization Bring Sustainability And Prosperity To All Peoples?

We must free ourselves from an imprisonment to stale monisms of global absolutism, and instead reward new relativity and new relevance to humanity.

How Can One Be Anti-Globalization And Pro-Free-Market At The Same Time?

One cannot be either today as either definition is ambiguous. I have cleared the air repeatedly.

Why Do We Have So Much Social Inequality In The World?

Because our systems curtail a mobility of merit, for they are in violation of the most rudimentary principles of freedom.

Has Globalization Acted To Equalize Nations’ Portions Of The Global GDP, Yet Created Greater Inequality And A Net Loss?

A flat-world operating-system for humanity is simply incapable of empowering human relativity. We can change that.
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