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Can Policymakers Mount The Bold Response Needed To Return The US To A Position Of Global Leadership, Or Is America’s Strategic Decline Now Inevitable?

Yes, when we reinvent ourselves against a new normalization of truth, with a policy of policy that improves human adaptability to nature's entropy.

Is It Possible That Current Economic Theory Has Been Based More On Pseudo-Science And Math?

Even the largest global economics organization knows the practice of economics is on its last legs.

What A Surprise On The Brexit Plan Failure. Not!

Welcome to the revolving door that isn't a democracy.

If You Were President Right Now, What Would You Do To Make The Economy Better?

The name and rules of our collective "household", the literal meaning of economics, must change to improve humanitarian relevance and longevity.

Why Are The Masses Tolerating .01% Of People Controlling 2/3 Of The World’s Wealth By 2030?

Inequality is a precept of evolution, but it should not be artificially assigned by anything other than the merit of the evolutionary strengthening of humanity.

How Well Is American Capitalism Working And How Do You See It Affecting The Future Of The American And Global Economy?

Let me put it to you this way, and without conceit: I cannot think of a better country to reinvent itself anew and then drag the rest of the world along on a new and better path.

What Is The Future Of The Global Financial System?

Unchanged, a dire one. For its evolutionary fallacies narrow the purview and weaken the strengthening of humanity.

How Can A Country Be Completely Self-Sufficient Economically Meaning It Produces Its Own Energy, Food, Other Good And Services, And At The Same Time...

Do not be too envious of "developed" countries as their operating-systems are literally bulging at the seams.

What Were The Causes For The Global Financial Crisis?

The improper normalization of evolutionary relevance is the cause of finance causing an anthropogenic cascade.

Does Europe Have A Chance To Become The World’s First Transnational Democracy?

The effectiveness of a democracy is damaged not helped by unification, yielding transnational make-believe instead.
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