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Re-Risk Asset Management

Money managers must improve the investment thesis that determines what returns can be discovered.

How can foreign VCs seek projects in Silicon Valley?

With the deliberate pursuit of prime-risk, compatible with attracting outliers.

How Specific Or Flexible Is A VC Portfolio?

Pretty flexible, for the search for returns knows few bounds.

How Is Investing In Early Tech Companies “More Art Than Science”?

Investing in technology is neither art nor science, it requires an understanding of evolution.

I Want To Start A Venture Capital Fund That Backs The Most Talented University Entrepreneurs. How Do I Start?

You start by getting an understanding of the role and promise of innovation and venture capital.

The State of Venture Capital Infographic

The State of Venture Capital infographic sheds light on the broken fundamentals of innovation's arbitrage.

CalPERS Emerging Manager Redefinition

The definition of emerging managers was extremely fuzzy, and so were the returns. CalPERS just announced the optimization of the definition.

13 Rebuttals On Romney And Jobs

TBT. Ah, the joys of criticizing the presidential candidates some 70% of Americans have already distanced themselves from, by not voting. Send in the clowns.

The Meager Role Of Meeker

If only hindsight were an accurate prognosticator of foresight, Mary Meeker could have a job at my firm.

No Venture Beats Subprime

Israeli Venture Funds raised $0 dollars in 2010. Smart.
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