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A New Perspective On Human Evolution

Humanity must deploy better systems to improve the longevity of the human race.

Re-Risk Asset Management

Money managers must improve the investment thesis that determines what returns can be discovered.

The State Of Humanity

The State of Humanity highlights why and how we must change our manmade systems to improve human excellence in lockstep with nature.


Is It True That In A Free Market, Whatever Amount Paid To Purchase Something Is Fair?

A resounding: no! Hurricane Irrma made that clear, some 3,000 times over. A testament of how we violate the very freedom of freedom.

Investing In Venture Unchanged, Is The Definition Of Insanity

Groundbreaking entrepreneurs are the life-blood of this country and we better start treating them with the care and attention they deserve. We need to lift the weight of their dysfunctional arbitrage off their shoulders if we want to remain on the leading edge of innovation.
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