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Has The dot.com Situation In 2020 Not Vastly Improved From 1990/2000s?

We must measure value creation in the business of innovation based on how technology improves human adaptability to nature's entropy, and to ensure the pageantry of positivity surrounding technology is not used and abused to rob the bank of humanity's evolutionary excellence.

Former Fed Chief Found Economists “Useless”

The opportunity to reinvent economics is wide-open if the people associated can detach themselves from an outdated normalization of truth.

What Are Signs That An Asset Class Is In A Bubble?

The excessive spread between valuation and value causes reality to come knocking.

Can Better Watchdog Financial Journalism Prevent The Next Financial Crisis?

No, correlation regurgitated by watchdogs does not lead to causation.

What Is The Reason Behind Creating A Bubble?

Societal bank robbery is mighty lucrative, while it lasts.

In What Ways Is The Current Crypto Asset Mania Dissimilar To The First Tech Bubble?

They are different in how make-believe is achieved.

Is Cryptocurrency An Economic Bubble Like The Dot-Com Boom?

A cryptocurrency is like a religion, not becoming more true just because you can find more believers.

Is The Cryptocurrency Bubble Going To Burst?

Yes, the cryptocurrency bubble will eventually burst because trust is and must be discriminatory.

What Were The Causes For The Global Financial Crisis?

The improper normalization of evolutionary relevance is the cause of finance causing an anthropogenic cascade.

How Do Free-Market Countries Deal With Financial Crashes Without Too Much Government Intervention?

Do not expect to gain the benefits of self-governance from systems pretending to endorse freedom.
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