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I Was 10 Years Ahead…Or More Alarmingly, The Greater-Fools Were 10 Years Behind

Eventually, the world will have to wake up from the self-induced sleep of reason.

You Have A Soul

I sing the blues from the kind of entrepreneurialism that knows no precedent and describe the behavior of people attempting to knock you down. As long as your normalization of truth remains defensible, I hope this inspires you to keep going too.

What Do Entrepreneurs Dislike About Entrepreneurship?

I despised having to wade through an ocean of subprime venture capital investors, our systems of finance systemically allowing investors to rebuff the meritocracy entrepreneurs are bound by.

Letters To A Young Contrarian: Calling All Entrepreneurs To Read This Book

The first book I have read in over 30 years you should too.

How Can We Better Support Female Entrepreneurs?

By letting them prove themselves, like all entrepreneurs.

How Should Someone Approach VCs For The First Time Without Knowing Anyone Or Having Connections?

First, learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Then, demonstrate how you contribute to their objective of producing venture style returns.

There Are Some VCs That Are Willing To Invest In Our Company, How Can We Find Out Which One Is Better For Us?

You must sift out downside investors from upside investors, right off the bat. Or your world will become a nightmare of eternal internal volatility.

How Long Should An Entrepreneur Wait Before Closing A Failing Venture?

How long you wait to close your venture depends on your ability to pivot and in what direction, the best pivot being upwards.

VC False Positive: Lytro Is Shutting Down

The genius of venture capital arbitrage on display: the demise of Lytro makes clear how the collusion of investor socialism in Silicon Valley destroys the opportunity for real innovation. False positives demonizing false negatives. I have a few more of these to highlight, for the sake of a meritocracy of innovation arbitrage.

Why Is Being An Entrepreneur For Everyone?

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, but an entrepreneur can come from anywhere.
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