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Bitcoin Is Like Postage-Stamp-Collecting On Steroids

A cryptocurrency, like stamp-collecting, is an evolutionary net-negative.

Human Adaptability To Nature’s Entropy

Human adaptability to nature's entropy must become the main goal of all of humanity.

Why I Don’t Rate Companies (Yet)

Asking me to rate companies today is like asking Elon Musk how to rate combustion-engine car companies.

First-Principles For Dummies

First-principles are indeed for dummies, and only useful when you realize they are, at best, second-principles.

SpaceX Falcon 9 launch as seen from Hilton Head Island

Real innovation in progress. A beautiful sight.

One Hour With A Tesla Model X P100D

I took a test drive in a Tesla Model X P100D, a fantastic joy-ride requiring some man-learning to master.

So Long Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking died today. His stardust proved to be an inspiration for those who think for themselves, even when we disagreed.

I Do Not Understand The VC And Investment Side Of Business. Does That Mean I’m Not Good At Business?

No, not at all. Venture capital has turned into a societal laughing-stock of public deceit. A good reason why one should be weary.

What Is In The Future Of Silicon Valley – A Bubble That Bursts Or A Growth That Will Sustain?

The inflation of, and infatuation with Silicon Valley is directly correlated to the insidious pageantry of “greater-fools” chasing venture capital's false positives.

Why Would You Not Work In A Traditional VC Fund (Anymore)?

I could only work for a prime venture capital fund, the antithesis of venture today, in search of ideas correlated to a higher-order normalization of evolutionary truth. 
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