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Can Technology Companies Be Trusted?

Trust is a consequence, not a cause. We first need new principles to govern a modern world for trust to carry meaningful value.

Singapore; A Lesson On How To Build A Flourishing Society

Hats off to the great man who made Singapore what it is today.

Growth For The Sake Of Growth Is The Ideology Of A Cancer Cell

Manmade systems oblivious to nature's rule induce manmade cancer.

Why Do Many People Not Have A Strong Grasp Of What Causes Economic Growth And Why Markets Are So Central To Continuously Rising Standards...

Because economics is a pseudo-science regurgitating hindsight, incapable of extrapolating to foresight to break the norm and proven wrong all too many times instilling little confidence in its voodoo.

Are We Headed For A Recession In 2020?

Don't sweat counting the numbers that cannot be counted on.

Does Income Inequality Drive Or Hinder Economic Growth?

Drive, for evolution depends on the value of our differences.

Can We Trust China’s Official Economic Data?

No, not by a long shot.

How Could The U.S. Maintain A Sustainable Growth Rate Of 3% In Average Over The Long Period?

Let me pull your mind out of the gutter of the voodoo religion of economics.

How Is It That Sweden Can Do What They Do On Social Progress And Economic Growth And We Can’t? Does It Have Anything To...

I suggest you do not praise to glory all the good men doing absolutely nothing to preserve the kind of freedom to each his own.
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