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Will We Have To Adhere To A New Economic System Under A Market Where AI Is The Workforce?

We will have to adhere to a new economic system for much more important reasons.

Which Economic System Is Best For A Country?

The only economic system that is good for a country is a system that is good for humanity.

How Is The Economic System Different From Before?

Our systems have evolved downstream, in more dire need of fundamental renewal upstream.

Is The Chinese Economic System Superior To The European?

The superiority of an economic system is not defined by how much wealth it creates.

What Is The Measurement Of A Successful Economic System?

Not what it is today. Mapping human relativity with a measurement of absolutism is mathematical foolery.

Welcome To Renewable Economics™

The constitution of The United States of America was not designed to serve as a framework for the diverse needs of freedom that inspires the world. So, we designed a new one.

The Problem With Social

Social networks must change if they want to survive and become a driving force for good. And all it takes is the removal of social from socialism.

Free Freedom

Freedom itself must be freed from its current narrow definition and outright misplaced control, if we want the bravery of its pursuit to be responsible for the invention of a much brighter future.

Soccer Economics

To understand the need for robust economics, one does not need to be an economist. A rudimentary understanding of sports will do.

The Bitcoin Before The Horse

Bitcoin, as the best known non-fiat online crypto-currency, is more frequently portrayed as the magic potion of a thriving new economy. Not so fast, say I, as Bitcoin will just aim to make the world flat again.
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