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How Can A Company With High Revenue Have A Low Market Cap?

Because revenues do not equal earnings.

eBay Post-Mortem

eBay has completely lost my trust, confirmed by telephone.

Bye Bye eBay

A free-market builds trust amongst sell-side and buy-side. Dutch auction technologist eBay does not take that trust too serious, according to a former employee.

eBay’s losing gambit, no iPad2 for me

eBay is a mess, iPad no more.

In Predicting The Future, Macro Matters

As an investor, and especially a venture capital investor, you need to have the ability to predict the future within an acceptable degree of accuracy. And that is exactly a skill many venture capitalists so miss out on. The key reason for their deplorable returns.

The Importance Of Being Free-And-Earnest

One ought not expect to reap systemic benefits from a free-market without a definition of what freedom means, and amidst violation of its most rudimentary operating principles.

The Nitwits On Sand Hill Road

Oracle's long-time CEO Larry Ellison rips the boys-club on Sand Hill Road. I am adding to the fodder.

How Sub-Prime VC Stings Twice

Venture capital has turned subprime. Do not get caught in its web of lies.

How To Spot Subprime VC

Subprime venture capital, as described in a previous blog is easily recognizable. Entrepreneurs, run for the hills when you detect some of the following:

Cooliris Is Cool

Cooliris is cool technology, but where is the business?
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