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Make America Great

We are not great. Not until the regenerative adaptability to nature's entropy proves we are. Yet, we can be great, if we strive to make it so.

Sean Penn Is A Good Man

I like Sean Penn for his stance on the meaning of life, his acting, and the work he is doing to pick-up the slack on pandemic relief. Authentic curiosity and empathy for the human condition driving his efforts. Hats off.

Tim Crook

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, attempts to fool a world impressed by riches over reason, again.

4 Kinds Of Members Of The Press, Avoid 3

There are 4 types of members of The Press, 3 of which we can do without and are rightfully challenged.

What Is Your Opinion About Jeremy Rifkin’s 3rd Industrial Revolution?

The old repackaged as new will not remove the causal incompatibility between the operating-system of nature and manmade systems on display here. The US must lead with a better plan.

Letters To A Young Contrarian: Calling All Entrepreneurs To Read This Book

The first book I have read in over 30 years you should too.

Is It Possible For Any Government In Any Nation To Completely Prevent Rapes? Should People Themselves Not Raise Their Own Moral Standards Instead Of...

In the words of Christopher Hitchens: empower women constitutionally to release them from the shackles of mammalian reproduction and the floor of all of society will rise.

So Long Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking died today. His stardust proved to be an inspiration for those who think for themselves, even when we disagreed.

From An Atheistic Perspective, Why Are There Two Genders Of Humans And All Other Animals?

The unique sequencing of our DNA is what expands the fractal of evolution.
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