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Can Technology Companies Be Trusted?

Trust is a consequence, not a cause. We first need new principles to govern a modern world for trust to carry meaningful value.

A New Truth, Role, And Goal For Humanity

Life, if properly normalized, is beautiful and remarkably simple. Let’s make it so.

Comment: Is Capitalism the most successful economic system ever created?

Hate the game, not the players. Knowing why and how it fails helps reinvent it.

The Illusion Of American Freedom

Our freedom is a grand illusion of make-believe, yearning no longer to be abused.

Out With The Lies

We, humans, tell ourselves some grandiose lies and then act surprised when things do not quite work out as advertised. We must reinvent the systems holding us hostage.

How Can The Poor And Disenfranchised Groups Of People Survive In A Capitalistic Society?

We can improve socio-economic mobility by fixing the theory that determines what can be discovered.

Is Capitalism The Best Political System?

Capitalism is not a political system - nor is it even a system.

Is Living Frugally, Working, Buying And Consuming As Little As Possible, The Best Way To Fight Against The Capitalist System?

There is no need to fight capitalism, the thing you should be fighting for is the evolutionary integrity of trust.

How Much Crony Capitalism Is There In The American Healthcare System?

Oh, crony capitalism is rampant and quite audacious in the monetization of healthcare systems. Here is the most blatant one I witnessed recently.

What Are The Most Overrated Parts Of Capitalism?

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are freed by capitalism.
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