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A New Perspective On Human Evolution

Humanity must deploy better systems to improve the longevity of the human race.

Re-Risk Asset Management

Money managers must improve the investment thesis that determines what returns can be discovered.

The State Of Humanity

The State of Humanity highlights why and how we must change our manmade systems to improve human excellence in lockstep with nature.


UBS Economics

The world will be a better place when not misguided by the fuzzy-logic of economics violating nature's first-principles.

Hotel CalPERS

CalPERS' problems are not the players but its investment game. Macro over micro. Cause over consequence.

Former Fed Chief Found Economists “Useless”

The opportunity to reinvent economics is wide-open if the people associated can detach themselves from an outdated normalization of truth.

CalPERS Needs A New Masterplan

CalPERS' performance took a nose-dive in 2018, alluding to a lack of control that must be reversed.

How To Deal With Venture

Venture must transform from a subprime to a prime financial instrument to begin to discover the outliers capable of producing venture-style returns from improving humanity.

Why All Financial Systems Run Out Of Steam

We can and must change the name of our financial game to serve ourselves.

My Vote On The Current CalPERS Private Equity Proposal

I veto CalPERS' newly announced private equity proposal.

CalPERS On Private Equity Transparency

CalPERS must model its asset allocation strategy to the nature of the asset in question and offer members the transparency commensurate with its vision of long-term value creation.

CalPERS Private-Equity Make-Over

Pension funds must tap into a new well of investment allocation wisdom.

CalPERS Direct, My Opinion On The Announcement

Here are my opinions about the broad strokes of the CalPERS announcement yesterday, and how they relate to the risk deployed in asset management.
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