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Friend Or Foe Of Private Equity

Merely to question PE performance is considered heresy, a charge that should be reversed to put a religion of finance on notice to change immediately and fundamentally. We have come to the rescue.

What’s In The Name method41

We picked method41 for good reason.

On Unicorns

Sometimes words fall short, and an image does the job.

New Impact For Responsible Investing

Investing is only impactful and responsible when it remains aligned with the principles of evolution. The principles we have yet to implement.

Why ESG Is Unsustainable

ESG is unsustainable because its theory, principles, and processes are in vehement denial of, and in conflict with nature’s rule.

Is Startup Success Inevitable Under A New System?

Startup success is a proxy of relativity, improving greatly when unleashed from subprime arbitrage.

Private Equity Done Right; KKR Industrial Group, Pete Stavros

A fantastic story of how innovative private equity spreads the reward of hard work to all.

What Are The “Best” Things VCs Do?

Send me their names and I will gladly give you my report card of what they actually do best.

How Long Should An Entrepreneur Wait Before Closing A Failing Venture?

How long you wait to close your venture depends on your ability to pivot and in what direction, the best pivot being upwards.

VC False Positive: Lytro Is Shutting Down

The genius of venture capital arbitrage on display: the demise of Lytro makes clear how the collusion of investor socialism in Silicon Valley destroys the opportunity for real innovation. False positives demonizing false negatives. I have a few more of these to highlight, for the sake of a meritocracy of innovation arbitrage.
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