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Podcasting; A New Free Market By Apple

Radio is about to get a major overhaul.

Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Immigration Secret

Silicon Valley's best kept secret has the capacity to change national and international security.

No Long Tail Without A Torso

Investors are getting flooded with long tail startups. But no long tail can exist without a torso.

Google versus eBay; room to spare

No-one can ignore the power of Google. But Google does not quite understand economics.

In Search Of The Economist VC

We need venture capitalists with a macro-view of the world.

Treo650: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king

As a fervent Macintosh user, the Treo650 is about the only game in town to get your office with you on the road.

Seismic Changes In Digital Entertainment

The old rules of how to create or tap into large media markets have changed.

Not Everyone Can Be An Entrepreneur, But An Entrepreneur Can Come From Anywhere.

To find an outlier through a commoditized investment thesis is a moronic endeavor.

Getty Images; the image demi-cartel

Revenues do not always produce margins, especially not when what you sell you do not own. Want to know what Getty-Images is really selling?
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