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Interview On Innovation And Venture Capital

Georges discusses The State of Venture Capital.

You Have A Soul

I sing the blues from the kind of entrepreneurialism that knows no precedent and describe the behavior of people attempting to knock you down. As long as your normalization of truth remains defensible, I hope this inspires you to keep going too.

How To Evaluate Hiring A Startup CEO

We developed our own process recruiting firms have since asked to borrow. Read about it and download our supporting document here now.

Is Startup Success Inevitable Under A New System?

Startup success is a proxy of relativity, improving greatly when unleashed from subprime arbitrage.

The Failure Rate In A Startup Seems Extremely High. What Can VC Do Differently To Reduce Their Failure Rate?

The thesis determines what venture capital can discover. Changing the thesis will change the outcome.

What Is The Best Way To Find Out If You Are Ready For A VC Funding Or An Angel Funding?

You must lead, not follow investors into the promised land.

What Do Entrepreneurs Dislike About Entrepreneurship?

I despised having to wade through an ocean of subprime venture capital investors, our systems of finance systemically allowing investors to rebuff the meritocracy entrepreneurs are bound by.

Letters To A Young Contrarian: Calling All Entrepreneurs To Read This Book

The first book I have read in over 30 years you should too.

Why Should Someone Share A Business Idea When There Is The Fear That Someone Else Will Take It?

Entrepreneurial paranoia is natural but must be curtailed to reflect your ability to execute.

How Do I Innovate?

Using a never-ending cycle of opportunity.

Why Are Angel Investors So Difficult To Find?

You would be hard to find too if you had been sucked into the slipstream of venture capital's subpriming, still stuck in the fog of deplorable returns.

How Do You Determine A Company’s Optimal Capital Structure?

Develop an operating plan to learn how to speak the language of investors.

Where Can I Find A Database Of VCs?

To track the performance of innovation arbitrage worthy of referral you do not need a database.
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