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Can Better Watchdog Financial Journalism Prevent The Next Financial Crisis?

No, correlation regurgitated by watchdogs does not lead to causation.

Can We Trust China’s Official Economic Data?

No, not by a long shot.

How Could The U.S. Maintain A Sustainable Growth Rate Of 3% In Average Over The Long Period?

Let me pull your mind out of the gutter of the voodoo religion of economics.

Why Is It Not Obvious Which Economic System Is Best?

Economics should be about people over numbers, as in cause over consequence.

In What Ways Is The Current Crypto Asset Mania Dissimilar To The First Tech Bubble?

They are different in how make-believe is achieved.

A Business That Does Not Strengthen Humanity Only Weakens It

We must build and grade businesses based on socioeconomic merit.

How Does Macroeconomics Affect A Business?

How is this for macro: a business that does not strengthen the renewal of humanity is instead a bank robber of it.

Which Measurement Is Reliable, A GNP Or A GDP?

Neither, as numbers are a measure of consequence not a matter of cause.

Trust As A Currency Is Best Not Evenly Distributed

Trust is a discriminatory denomination of merit, not to be artificially flattened into pay-to-play commodity.

What Are The Negatives Of Sustainability Practices?

The confounding of sustainability with renewal leads to grave depravity of reason.

What Is The Market?

A great foundational question. Let me pull “The Market” pacifier out of anyone’s mouth, in a slightly different way than I did in 2008.

Yeah, Let Us Get Our Morality From Tim Cook

Knowing how Tim’s morality by proxy is less than stellar, I am puzzled by how many seemingly bright people propose the dim-bulb idea of wanting to elect him President.
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