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Is Meritocracy On The Way Out?

Supposed top-minds think meritocracy is on the way out. I say meritocracy is on the way in, better normalized, with nature instead of man defining merit. Top-minds toppled.

Can Policymakers Mount The Bold Response Needed To Return The US To A Position Of Global Leadership, Or Is America’s Strategic Decline Now Inevitable?

Yes, when we reinvent ourselves against a new normalization of truth, with a policy of policy that improves human adaptability to nature's entropy.

Does One Need To Stand Up For The Rights Of All?

No, you do not need to stand up for people who, hibernating in the sleep of reason in the den of failing laissez-faire constructs, do dumb things, either to other individuals or damage humanity's collective interests.

Does Everything Evolve Around Systems?

No, but systems are a prerequisite to everything we do to improve human adaptability to nature's entropy.

Can Technology Companies Be Trusted?

Trust is a consequence, not a cause. We first need new principles to govern a modern world for trust to carry meaningful value.

Is It Possible That Current Economic Theory Has Been Based More On Pseudo-Science And Math?

Even the largest global economics organization knows the practice of economics is on its last legs.

Why Freedom?

When a government candidate asks you why freedom is important, you best not blink and instead reproduce the full meaning of the answer I provide here.

What Are Your Views On Modern Monetary Theory?

Despite anyone's views on Modern Monetary Theory, we must all agree this monetary policy does not do what humanity needs.

If Poverty Is Decreasing And The Poor Are Getting Wealthier, Why Is Wealth Inequality Considered An Issue?

Fair question. Not everything that can be counted, can be counted on.

How Can The Poor And Disenfranchised Groups Of People Survive In A Capitalistic Society?

We can improve socio-economic mobility by fixing the theory that determines what can be discovered.

Which Is Worse, Absolute Freedom Or No Freedom?

Equally bad, for both are nonexistent absolutisms.
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