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Broken-System Gameplay Poisons Everything

I could not have said this any better.

Climate Change Is No Hoax

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

Can Technology Companies Be Trusted?

Trust is a consequence, not a cause. We first need new principles to govern a modern world for trust to carry meaningful value.

Dear U.N., Sustainability Is Evolutionary Bullshit. My Ode to Real Scientists

The U.N. promulgates a theory of climate change fundamentally incompatible with evolution, what could possibly go wrong?

We Need A Social Contract

We need a social contract that helps us continually adjust to resources made available to us by nature.

Rebuild America

Our manmade systems fail to protect and unleash our freedoms. Here is how the manmade theory must change to improve what humanity can discover.

A New Policy Of Policy To Change Policy

We must implement a new policy of policy to prop up and renew our aging and feeble Constitution.

Breaking Down Democracy

Our democracy must evolve into an evolutionary meritocracy in compliance with nature’s principles to begin to serve human evolution.

Everything Must Change

Everything must change. Using a new normalization of truth to more accurately trace human ingenuity and capacity.

Why Democracies Fail Or Succeed

A democracy must be subjugated to evolutionary first-principles to improve humanity.

The Illusion Of American Freedom

Our freedom is a grand illusion of make-believe, yearning no longer to be abused.

Why Freedom?

When a government candidate asks you why freedom is important, you best not blink and instead reproduce the full meaning of the answer I provide here.
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