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The Last Dance of humanity requires new gameplay deployed by new leaders unafraid to take humanity on.

Thou Shalt Not Dump, Thou Shalt Produce And Use Clean, Renewable Energy. Or Die Trying. How’s That For A Social Contract?

More rules without the apriori establishment of a theory embedded in a system only yield more rebels without a cause.

California’s HealthCare Prescription Budget Rejects “The Free-Market” Fallacy

Gavin Newsom rejects the free-market promise of health care. And rightfully so.

The World’s Shrinking Population

Not so fast on the presumption of human overpopulation.

Former Fed Chief Found Economists “Useless”

The opportunity to reinvent economics is wide-open if the people associated can detach themselves from an outdated normalization of truth.

Broken-System Gameplay Poisons Everything

I could not have said this any better.

The Pot Of Congress Calling Facebook’s Kettle Black

The interrogation of Facebook's CEO by Congress makes clear we must seek a higher normalization of human excellence.

U.S. House Financial Services Committee Debates Building A Sustainable And Competitive Economy With ESG

A member of The U.S. House slaps ESG in a way only a member of Congress can, by not quite understanding the gravitas of the question that was prepared for him.

Why The IRS Should Be Renamed

We must rename the IRS to make everyone aware of what taxation really is, a cost center.

En Garde For Christine Lagarde’s Review Of The US Economy

Christine Lagarde of the IMF mimics my blogs almost verbatim about the part of the US Economy few want to talk about.

The Free-Market Pretense On Display

A single image explains why our economy is not a free-market system.

Bernie, The Son Of Noam

Bernie Sanders needs to transition from an activist to a strategist, by distancing from Noam Chomsky.
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