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The No News News Of Cable Television

The lazy no news news of cable television deserves a whooping, for their own sake.

The Madness Of Singularity, A Brief Compendium To Douglas Murray’s Madness Of Crowds

The madness of singularity is no better than the madness of crowds. The madness of our remarkable ignorance to nature continues to damage our evolution.

Al Gore’s Allegory Of A Sustainable Climate

Al Gore preaches the confounding of consequence and cause of sustainability, nonexistent anywhere in our universe. Let's set him straight to not induce another infinitely expanding tautology.

Dear U.N., Sustainability Is Evolutionary Bullshit. My Ode to Real Scientists

The U.N. promulgates a theory of climate change fundamentally incompatible with evolution, what could possibly go wrong?

Sloppy Apple, No Longer A Premium Brand

Apple is losing it, the state of product revealing Apple's deflating state of mind.

En Garde For Christine Lagarde’s Review Of The US Economy

Christine Lagarde of the IMF mimics my blogs almost verbatim about the part of the US Economy few want to talk about.

Facebook Can Change, But Can Zuckerberg?

Changing Facebook is easy, changing Mark is not.

Tim Crook

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, attempts to fool a world impressed by riches over reason, again.

My Melinda Gates Impersonation

I impersonate Melinda Gates, only to demonstrate how I would build a brave new world with piles of philanthropy.

Bernie, The Son Of Noam

Bernie Sanders needs to transition from an activist to a strategist, by distancing from Noam Chomsky.

What Do You Think Of Bill Gates’ Work?

It is weird to have to tell Bill Gates how to innovate, but that is precisely what I am doing. Not for the sake of my supremacy though.

Jennifer Lawrence And The Political System, Represent US

Fixing a political system is important, but not when the fix leads to the same slaughterhouse of evolutionary fallacies. 
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