We’re Back, Sorta

I explain why I have been a little out of it, leaving method41 awkwardly quiet.

Schedule Time With Georges

Georges van Hoegaerden, Managing Director of method41 is now making time available to directly connect with people with a vested interest in improving the theory of what humanity can discover. We can do better, much better.

What’s In The Logo Of method41

The symbolism of the logo refers to the theory of relativity we must begin to apply to humanity to dramatically improve regenerative human excellence.

Add method41 To Your Home Screen

Add method41 to your phone or tablet home screen for instant access. Here is how.

What’s In The Name method41

We picked method41 for good reason.

Change Gon’ Come

Change is good. Especially when it brings humanitarian excellence into focus. Like at method41.

Better Humans For A Better World

Welcome to the place where better humans create a better world.

Craig Venter Agrees With Our Stance On Venture

When real entrepreneurs are held hostage by finance we have a problem in need of fixing.

Vinod Khosla Quotes Our Analysis Of Venture Capital Vis-A-Vis Private Equity

Billionaire self-proclaimed entrepreneurship zealot and managing director of Khosla Ventures quotes and retweets our analysis and observations about the risk profiles of private equity...

What We Can Learn From Steve Jobs

Georges was covered by IEEE.

The Wall Street Journal Covers “How Steve Jobs Proved Venture Capital Wrong”

We wrote How Steve Jobs Proved Venture Capital Wrong yesterday after learning of his death, picked up by The Wall Street Journal.

The World’s First State Of Venture Capital Watched 15,000 Times

More than 15,000 times has The State of Venture Capital been watched. Judge for yourself.
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