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Believe Nothing You Read And Believe Everything You Experience

Start writing your own book of life, instead of living someone else's.

An Outlier Knows No Precedent

So stop relying on a precedent. Evaluate based on uncorrelated and independent merit.

Innovation Without Renewable Socio-economic Value Is Bank-robbery Of Society

From the many answers I gave on how to improve society.

A Real Optimist Combats The Mind-Numbing Pageantry Of False Positivity

From Apple's finite Loop, published February 14, 2013.

Technology Is Here To Serve The Needs Of The People, Not To Dictate It

Technology has great potential, but it turns to poison when it deploys totalitarian monisms to control the world.

Not Every Developer Is An Entrepreneur

We learned the hard way.

Life Is Hard, When You Follow

Instead, follow the path to your own success that has no precedent.

Technology Is Not The Risk Of A Technology Company

Exactly how and why many venture capitalists misjudge the opportunity for innovation, false positives and false negatives abound.

The Trap Of “Capital Efficiency”

Capital Efficiency is a trap of loan-shark proportion. Expect it to be deployed feverishly by investors out to protect the downside of excessive portfolio diversification.

As Venture Capital Turned Subprime, So Did Innovation

The curse of subprime venture capital stained the integrity of innovation.
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