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Interview On Innovation And Venture Capital

Georges discusses The State of Venture Capital.

One Day With iPhone 12 Pro

My day-1 review of Apple's latest iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple Lacks A Leader

Only a real leader can elevate the value of innovation to truly benefit humanity.

To Lead Or Not To

We need to elevate the practice of leadership to show the world who we really are.

Big Tech Versus Big Politics

Structural solutions and shortcuts are available to resolve our nation's impasse with two-faced technology companies. Cures I have been prescribing for twelve years. It is never too late to get real.

Facebook, L’Enfant Terrible

Facebook is like an infant with parents strung out on drugs, the child sadly left to its own devices.

A Bose NC700 Redemption Song

Credit where credit is due from a new firmware update breathing new life into Bose's over-the-ear active noise-canceling headphones released last year.

Why Technology Cannot Arbitrate Or Build Systems Of Arbitrage

A simple, yet prime, example of why technology is bad for humanity.

Apple’s Time Remaining

I am getting tired of Apple's lousy software quality, bad hardware quality, and dumb design putting a cramp on my style.

To Innovate Is One Thing, To Accept Innovation Is Another

Innovation requires not an inside-looking-out perspective, but an outside-looking-in perspective.

Bose NC700: Good But Do Not Throw Out Those Bose QC35s Just Yet

The Bose NC700 headphones are great for calls, the music reproduction is good but does not top the QC35s. Bluetooth is shoddy. Noise-canceling is in a league of its own, inside or anywhere outside.

Facebook Can Change, But Can Zuckerberg?

Changing Facebook is easy, changing Mark is not.

Health Care Is No Business For Tech

The ignorance and infancy of technologists is poorly aligned with the merit of health pre-ordained by evolutionary biology and anthropology.
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