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To Innovate Is One Thing, To Accept Innovation Is Another

Innovation requires not an inside-looking-out perspective, but an outside-looking-in perspective.

Bose NC700: Good But Do Not Throw Out Those Bose QC35s Just Yet

The Bose NC700 headphones are great for calls, the music reproduction is good but does not top the QC35s. Bluetooth is shoddy. Noise-canceling is in a league of its own, inside or anywhere outside.

Facebook Can Change, But Can Zuckerberg?

Changing Facebook is easy, changing Mark is not.

Health Care Is No Business For Tech

The ignorance and infancy of technologists is poorly aligned with the merit of health pre-ordained by evolutionary biology and anthropology.

From 10 Years Ago, I Repeat: Amazon Is Not A Marketplace

Amazon's superstore feigns a marketplace, and they have been found out.

The History Of Apple Repeats Itself

Replace John Sculley with Tim Cook to identify Apple's current problems. In Steve Jobs' own words.

How To Evaluate Hiring A Startup CEO

We developed our own process recruiting firms have since asked to borrow. Read about it and download our supporting document here now.

Why And How to Develop Foresight

Human foresight, as the improving proxy to nature's hindsight, is the impetus to innovation responsible for the expanding fractal of human ingenuity and capacity.

How To Combat Technocratic Bullying

We cannot let technology create totalitarian monisms to control and exploit people.

Quora Has Gone Mad, And Why Technology Companies, Again, Must Not Be Allowed To Rule The Human Roost

Quora has become the gutter of societal knowledge. And then some.

Introducing The Loop. The Engine Of Any Business

With The Loop in place and well managed, it is harder to fail than to succeed. 

Fyde Blows The Whistle On GDPR

GDPR is proven worthless by Fyde.
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