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How Do You Determine A Company’s Optimal Capital Structure?

Develop an operating plan to learn how to speak the language of investors.

Do Angels Consider A Lower Downside Risk A Positive When Investing, Or Do They Have An All Or Nothing Mindset?

The foresight of unprecedented upside can seldom be achieved from the hindsight of downside.

How Can We Capture More Business From The Competitors?

This question reeks of an end-of-life product cycle.

How Is Technology Not Useful?

How unbridled technology leads to a double entendre of human atrophy. As I explained first 9 years years ago.

Where Is Technology Taking The Economy?

Technology can be a great tool for humanity, if only we subjugate its agenda to our evolutionary needs. Not quite how we develop technology today.

How I Know You Are Not An Entrepreneur

The pageantry of positivity is rampant in the technology startup space, and I am not falling for its many wannabes.

Why AI Is More Artificial Than Intelligence

Knowledge sold as intelligence is humanity's favorite trick to impress and enslave.

How Should Entrepreneurs Approach The Valuation Question?

An outlier knows no precedent valuation.

Privacy, Technology’s Favorite Pet Peeve

Technologists claim to be the moral curators of privacy the world should listen and obey to. Outright funny if you know anything about technology.

Why Does Facebook Believe A Monoculture Fed By Advertising Is Good For The World?

The question I posed to Facebook in a live session. Still no reply.
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