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I Told You So: India Bans 59 Apps

I warned technology companies five years ago. The days are numbered thinking you can sell the equivalent of sugar-water to the world and expect to get away with spawning yet another mind-numbing addiction that accelerates an anthropogenic cascade.

Apple Makes Me Yawn

Nothing in this announcement demonstrates how Apple improves the human condition, the gist of the announcement being "what took you so long?"

Breaking News: Apple’s Tim Cook Leaving To Head Up Boar’s Head

Since the possibility of news is big business, I hereby launch my own.

On Unicorns

Sometimes words fall short, and an image does the job.

Apple’s Former Long-time Siri Head Says Virtual Assistants Don’t Deliver On Their Promise

My 2011 predictions confirmed. Oh, how the blind faith in technology keeps spinning its subpar centrifuge until the excessive speed of make-believe catapults its favorite toys into reality.

Sloppy Apple, No Longer A Premium Brand

Apple is losing it, the state of product revealing Apple's deflating state of mind.

Facebook’s Future In Society, A Discussion With Mark Zuckerberg

The goal, Mark, of technology is to improve the excellence of human needs, not quite the same as regurgitating societal wants.

Tim Crook

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, attempts to fool a world impressed by riches over reason, again.

Is Startup Success Inevitable Under A New System?

Startup success is a proxy of relativity, improving greatly when unleashed from subprime arbitrage.

Small Thinking Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg needs to learn some pertinent lessons about evolution that transcend the limited purview technology.

Facebook Policy

Policy at Facebook better not become the new lipstick on a pig.

Tim Cook’s New Apple

The finite loop of Apple rears its ugly head again, with this product image saying more than a thousand words.

Is SoftBank’s Vision Fund The “Most Powerful Investor In The World”?

Powerful is the determined risk of the first money-in that changes the world for the better. Follow-on investing is an easy peasy risk-profile, not powerful but handy to have around.
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