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What Can Private Equity Do Better?

Private Equity must adapt, to nature's laws of evolution.

How To Combat Technocratic Bullying

We cannot let technology create totalitarian monisms to control and exploit people.

Out With The Lies

We, humans, tell ourselves some grandiose lies and then act surprised when things do not quite work out as advertised. We must reinvent the systems holding us hostage.

Breaking Down And Recalibrating Alpha

Asset management is dead, to all but those who recognize alpha is a force of nature.

Growth For The Sake Of Growth Is The Ideology Of A Cancer Cell

Manmade systems oblivious to nature's rule induce manmade cancer.

Why ESG Will Fail, Spectacularly

ESG is yet another manmade manacle, conjured up in complete ignorance to the rules of nature, and thus an evolutionary false-positive.

Rethink Asset Management

Asset management must attach to a higher normalization of evolutionary truth to consistently yield renewable investment returns from tracing the long of human ingenuity and performance.

How Can Facebook Be Regulated And Enforced?

A smart Facebook employs a different approach, one that avoids it being slapped with malformed regulation or outright rejection.

Was Clickbait Journalism Inevitable Due To Free Market Forces?

No, the opposite. Journalism better be ready for another round of change.

Zuckerberg Meets Congress

Only after we define the core principles of human excellence can we judge if Mark built the right technology to embrace the world.

Will Technology Companies Change The Face Of Healthcare?

Yes, but only to induce better health to reduce the need for care. Chronic health care is no kids play.
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