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Is Cryptocurrency An Economic Bubble Like The Dot-Com Boom?

A cryptocurrency is like a religion, not becoming more true just because you can find more believers.

Is The Cryptocurrency Bubble Going To Burst?

Yes, the cryptocurrency bubble will eventually burst because trust is and must be discriminatory.

Trust As A Currency Is Best Not Evenly Distributed

Trust is a discriminatory denomination of merit, not to be artificially flattened into pay-to-play commodity.

What Is The Difference Between Private Equity And Venture Capital?

As different as foresight and hindsight are. Same asset-management bucket, completely different risk profiles, and then some.

Why Would You Not Work In A Traditional VC Fund (Anymore)?

I could only work for a prime venture capital fund, the antithesis of venture today, in search of ideas correlated to a higher-order normalization of evolutionary truth. 

What Skills Does One Need To Become A Good VC?

Foresight of upside is what matters.

How Is Private Equity Different From Venture Capital?

Like regular cars and Formula-1 race-cars are.

Capitalism Is Eating Freedom

Capitalism in its current form, subjugated to a monism of freedom, is eating the freedom we need to create a vibrant and renewable society.

Socialism Is The Snake Oil – Not The Cure – To Our Bronze Age Implementation Of Capitalism.

The infestation of oligarchically controlled socialism stems from our bronze age implementation of capitalism.

The Antithesis Of Capitalism Is Capitalism

Like the antithesis of a monism of freedom is a pluralism of freedom

Markets Are Man-Made Dogmas Of False Truism

Markets are manmade consequences of marketplaces at its cause.
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