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What Things Should A Person Know To Be A VC?

What VCs need more of is the imagination of foresight, not more regurgitation of hindsight.

What Are The “Best” Things VCs Do?

Send me their names and I will gladly give you my report card of what they actually do best.

What Is The Future Of The Global Financial System?

Unchanged, a dire one. For its evolutionary fallacies narrow the purview and weaken the strengthening of humanity.

What Are Your Thoughts On Venture Capital?

Venture Capital is fundamentally incompatible with finding outliers, the reason why innovation is now relegated to generating mind-numbing advertising clicks, fixing self-induced security risk, and fabricating socioeconomic foolery.

How Can A Company With High Revenue Have A Low Market Cap?

Because revenues do not equal earnings.

Do VCs Like Their Job? I’ve Seen Many Entrepreneurs Move To VC After Their Exit. Where Do VCs Move To?

Here is how the VC drain works and its effect on innovation. A meritocracy this is not.

What Is The Difference Between Private Equity, Angel Investors, And Venture Capitalists?

If everyone stuck to their knitting here is what the difference should be, not equal to what it is, nor how it performs.

What Is The Difference In Calculation For A Stock Market Cap And A Cryptocurrency Market Cap?

Be careful. Zero collateral times 10,000 remains zero.

What led you to become an Angel/VC?

A rite of passage of sorts.
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