Capital Notes


Define Success

Who Cares About ESG?

Capitalize On Nature

Hotel CalPERS

The New Job Of Finance

The Need For Greed

Anti ESG

Unpacking ESG

How To Deal With Venture

Finance Must Abide By Nature

Asset Management Reinvented

Rethink Asset Management

The ESG Placebo

Triple Threat Founders

KPCB Mea Culpa

Greater-Fool Paradise

Are VCs Still Relevant?

Why VC Can’t Fix Itself

Fake Tits And Money

How Not To Refer A Deal

Goodbye Secondaries

Trimming Venture

LP Entrapment

Pump-And-Dump IPOs

The IPO Bubble

Benevolent Dictators

A Bubble In A Bubble

The Risks LPs Ignore

ILPA etiquette

Money Does Not Equal Risk

VC Transparency

LinkedIn IPO

VC Blog Merit

How VCs Kill Innovation

My Advice To VCs

Does Venture Scale?

VC Performance, A Closer Look

VC Is Dead, Long Live VC

The Curse Of Subprime VC


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