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The Need For Greed

Greed is good when it is pointed - for the first time - at our evolutionary goal.

The Antidote To ESG’s Environmental Snake-Oil Is Here

We developed the antidote to the evolutionary snake-oil of sustainability, so we can begin to expand humanity towards a more optimal equilibrium with nature and make money from deploying evolutionary excellence.

Why The Stock Markets Are Really Shrinking

In the words of Einstein, the theory [of a market system] determines what can be discovered. And so when a market system does not produce the desired outcome you change the system.

Sustainability Is Unsustainable

Only investment strategies mimicking the principles of nature can produce a gravy train of returns as proven, consistent, repeatable, and predictable as the inevitable expansion of evolution itself.

Finance Has Many New Rivers To Cross To Lend Positive Impact To Humanity

We must build better systems of finance to - for the first time - expand the fractal of humanity in the direction of our evolutionary excellence.

Your Beliefs Do Not Matter

Only nature's truths matters, your beliefs a mere indication of your propensity to adapt.

New Impact For Responsible Investing

Investing is only impactful and responsible when it remains aligned with the principles of evolution. The principles we have yet to implement.

Why ESG Is Unsustainable

ESG is unsustainable because its theory, principles, and processes are in vehement denial of, and in conflict with nature’s rule.

Anti ESG

ESG is the ultimate in manufactured consent, an investment thesis of evolutionary deceit worse than no plan at all.

Unpacking ESG

I break down the supposed evolutionary integrity and repeatability of ESG.

ESG Idiocracy On Display

ESG is an evolutionary false-positive, feverishly celebrated by its apostles.

What Can Private Equity Do Better?

Private Equity must adapt, to nature's laws of evolution.
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