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Re-Risk Asset Management

Money managers must improve the investment thesis that determines what returns can be discovered.

I Was 10 Years Ahead…Or More Alarmingly, The Greater-Fools Were 10 Years Behind

Eventually, the world will have to wake up from the self-induced sleep of reason.

The New Job Of Finance

Finance can and must play a new and prominent role in the improving adaptability of humanity to nature.

The Purpose Of Money

I change Benjamin Franklin's definition of the purpose of money to meet the objectives of a new operating-system for humanity.

SEC’s Scarlet Letter About ESG, And Why Finance Must Improve Its Methods and Facts

To build a better society, methods and facts matter says SEC commissioner Peirce. Precisely why I called out ESG as an evolutionary oxymoron - repeatedly - and introduced a better evolutionary thesis of finance.

Sustainability Is Unsustainable

Only investment strategies mimicking the principles of nature can produce a gravy train of returns as proven, consistent, repeatable, and predictable as the inevitable expansion of evolution itself.

Your Beliefs Do Not Matter

Only nature's truths matters, your beliefs a mere indication of your propensity to adapt.

ESG Idiocracy On Display

ESG is an evolutionary false-positive, feverishly celebrated by its apostles.

What Can Private Equity Do Better?

Private Equity must adapt, to nature's laws of evolution.

Alpha Is An Unstoppable Force Of Nature

We teach financiers how to tune their financial instruments to reap the rewards of the expansion of alpha as a predictable natural phenomenon.

Evolutionary Principles Breathe New Life Into Asset Management

Asset management can play a pivotal role in the expansion of human evolution if guided by newly applied evolutionary first-principles.

Finance Must Abide By Nature

Finance must abide by nature and not be beholden to another set of myths from manmade make-believe to finally become a rebel with an evolutionary cause.

Breaking Down And Recalibrating Alpha

Asset management is dead, to all but those who recognize alpha is a force of nature.
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